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Meet our Mediums and Healers

Rev Susan Macpherson.jpeg

Rev. Susan Macpherson

Rev. Susan Macpherson has studied spirituality and health since early in life, she had a deep awakening that led her through many synchronicities to Ancestral Clearing. 


Susan has used this practice to help herself, her family members and members of her community resolve and release karmic imprints, family dysfunctions, and those really annoying reoccurring things you just can't ignore. 

Once these 'issues' have been cleared, life takes on a new found lightness, and the more we clear and resolve the more ease and grace enters not only our lives, but also our families' and the effect ripples out into the world. Susan offers clearings for land, houses, pets, people, groups, and 'things'. 


Born in Cyprus to British/Scottish parents, she lived in Germany for most of her life, moving to Florida with her husband and son in 2013.

Rev. Susan is an Embodiment Facilitator, Ancestral Clearer, Bilateral EFT Practitioner, Animal Clearer, Hypnosis and Reincarnation Therapist, Reiki, Energy Frequency Intuitive, and Clairaudient/sentient with many years of experience. She lives in The Villages, Florida and looks forward to working with you on improving your health & wellbeing. 


You can contact her via Email: or via Tel: 352-561-6316.

Rev Dawn Casseday.png

Rev. Dawn Casseday
Psychic Medium

Dawn is an ordained Spiritualist Minister, a Certified Reiki Master, “Hands-on” Energy Healer and Universal Lightworker. She works with the Tarot Clairvoyantly to help people with their walk on the Earth Plane. She assists people in understanding their Souls Purpose and Karmic lessons.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is Dawn’s ultimate passion and she uses this gift to pierce the Parallel Vibration to “touch-in” with Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Loved Ones who have crossed over. Dawn gives guidance and direction in all areas of life. In her readings, Dawn is a conduit for the light of Divine Spirit.

After a near death experience as a very young age, Dawn has had the natural sense of “knowing” all her life. Dawn has continued to develop her keen sense of Clairvoyance. Using this ability, Dawn assists in guiding others in their own path.

You will find Dawn leading Native American Drumming Circles, Medicine Wheels and Sweat Lodges as well as many other Native American rituals.

Dawn is also a teaching professional, certified through the I Am (International Association of Metaphysics) and conducts many classes on a variety of subjects.

Dawn is a Past Life Regression specialist and offers Past Life Regressions. Dawn is an astute Pet Psychic and available to read animals (pets do not have to be present).

Dawn is available for public speaking engagements, seminars and television interviews similar to the one below. Dawn continues to travel throughout the world, sharing the Divine Light of Spirit with those she meets. She maintains a private practice of Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Mediumship and Healing Work in Florida.


Phone Number: (386) 478-0341

Email Address:

Facebook: rev dawn.casseday

Rae Moonwind.jpg

Rev. Rae Moonwind 

Rev. Rae Moonwind is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer,  Reiki-Master Teacher, and a certified Life Coach/Past Life Regression Therapist.  She channels the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels as a collective. Rae considers herself an angel advocate.  She will assist you in learning to work with your guides to increase your health, prosperity, and happiness. Rae’s desire is to empower people to discover their own ability to heal themselves through angelic assistance. 

Rae considers herself an angel advocate, as she channels the Masters as a collective, sharing their messages with those who attend her Reiki circles and angel workshops, as well as with the clients who come to her for healings and readings. Rae is willing to do healing sessions or readings with adults, children, and with animals. Her main interests as a healer are supporting and empowering women and helping all people to develop appropriate coping skills so that they can be successful in every area of their lives.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Rae has personal experience with abuse. The process of healing from trauma has facilitated her spiritual growth and development.  Cults, narcissists, and sociopaths do have an ideal target. Rae hopes that in sharing her story she can help other women identify their circumstances, find a way out, and heal themselves as well as their children. LIfe does go on after leaving an impossible situation. It is possible to not only survive, but to thrive. 

 Tel:386-848-7119     Email:

 Website :

Sharon Dvorak.jpg

Rev. Sharon Dvorak

I began to work with my Spirit guide in 1987 and have applied the information I received from my guide to my own life. I have experienced many changes in myself and in my life as a result of this. Since 1987, many hundreds of people have also spoken with my guides to assist them in their own lives. 

My journey from the beginning to this point has been exciting and fulfilling. Because of my work with Grandfather, Peter O’Neill and now Ma-Ryah I have learned to live. I continue to learn, to grow and to watch each day unfold before me to see what treasure of life is contained in each moment, each day. I am a Soul and Spirit of Light and Love experiencing the human existence. Each day is an opportunity to know and experience the truth of that statement. I now turn you over to one of the most loving and compassionate teachers I have ever met. May you receive whatever guidance and understanding you seek as you begin the journey of returning to your Sacred self. As you read and experience the information from Ma-Ryah here, as you do the exercises she gives to use as tools in your life, may you feel the love of Ma-Ryah embracing you and hear the gentle sigh of her encouragement. I share my Angel, my Being of love with you. 

Tel: 609-703-8264  Email:


Dikki Jo Mullen .jpg

Rev. Dikki-Jo Mullen 

Internationally noted astrologer and spiritual counselor, Dikki Jo Mullen, has authored numerous published articles.

Currently Dikki Jo’s features and detailed astrology forecasts appear in The Witches’ Almanac and Dell Horoscope publications, available in fine book stores everywhere.

She is the author of seven books including “The Florida Giant, 1919 -2019”,  “Koo Hollie and the Corn Goddess Chronicle” a metaphysical allegory and adventure story which doubles as a text book about astrology, ghost hunting and much more. Dikki-Jo writes under a number of  nom de plumes,  including Esther Neumeier, Elaine Neumeier, Esther Elayne, Mother Ollmann, Grania Ling, Dana N., Ms. Luna Sunshine, Laurie Bell, Koo Templeton, Catie Saltmarsh, Kathryn Mueller, Leslie Ford, Sue Leroy, Marina the Gypsy and Marina Bryony, etc.

Dikki-Jo offers presentations for groups. Tarot, Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation, Astrology, Tea leaf Reading and Crystal Gazing, Seances, House Blessings and Space Clearing, Native American spirituality and Runes are among the topics available.

Tel:407- 895-1522  Email:     


Louis Gates.jpg

 Rev. Louis Gates

​​​I am a Spiritual Medium, Healer and Teacher, living and working in Cassadaga Florida. I also have my Doctoral out of the University of Metaphysics.

I was born in Niskayuna, New York in 1952. My mother's side of the family were mediums and psychics going back some five generations in my family. I knew at the age of three years old that I could see spirit. I have found out over the years that I carry all the psychic gifts. I found that I can see , sense and hear spirit. I have been gifted by God with objective clairvoyance that lets me see spirit as though they are in the room with me.

I have been very fortunate to have seen spirit people from an early age and have walked the path of Spiritualism for all my life. The most amazing aspect of being a medium for me was losing the fear of death completely, a truth that I hope to share with as many people as I can. There is no death, there is no end, only eternal progress open to every human soul......Your loved ones wait to greet you and they send Love to you

I have always had a main guide - his name is Jeff. He has been with me since my birth - as far back as I can remember, he has been there. Let me tell you a little about Jeff. He told me he has been with me for as long as I have been. He is that spark of God that dwells around me that fits with the spark of God that is me. He appears to be about 32 years old, 6'3" tall, with long black hair. He has helped me to find myself in the worst times of my life - to touch in with the Christ spirit within. He is like that shadow that you see in your side view or that voice you hear out of the blue - but for me I see him just like he is standing next to me.

I have seen spirit around me for the past 53 years and not once have they made me feel uneasy. They have always let me see things that I could change - and things I could not.

I have been a Spiritual Medium for a number of years in Cassadaga, Florida and find it to be a place to touch in with the God that dwells within all of us. I have been able to reunite people with their loved ones and to help them find a spiritual path within. I have helped find people, pets and things that have been lost, and to help the one's that are looking. I have found that my path in this lifetime is to help reunite loved ones from the spirit world to loved ones here. I am also here to help heal and to help guide you on your path to a happier life and to spiritual awareness in this world.

Tel:386-228-0288  Email:  

Jeremy McDonald_Lifetouch Image 3 (1).jpg

Jeremy E. McDonald

Jeremy is an International Best-Selling Author and Speaker who has shared the virtual & live stages with many of the leading speakers of our time including Sharon Lechter, Lisa Nichols, Joe Vitale, Forbes Riley, Lisa Williams & Kevin Harrington. Jeremy has over 25 years of experience as a public speaker, coach, and energetic healer.

With his diverse range of experience that spans from corporate settings to spiritual retreats in the mountains, Jeremy has been able to help many people find their full potential by aligning with their souls.

I have found a great many people follow a purpose that was given to them because of influence from other people but not because they were following what was deep in their hearts. I help people peel back the layers to find out what is being said to them at the core of their being.

Tel: 813-421-2615


Rev. Tish Ebling

Rev. Tish Ebling’s interest in Spiritualism and Metaphysics began in the early 1980s. Over several years she and her husband attended numerous conferences and retreats throughout the eastern U. S. They consider themselves blessed to have witnessed all forms of mediumship, including physical phenomena where Spirit Guides and Loved Ones actually materialized in ectoplasmic forms.  
In 1998 Tish enrolled in the three year seminary program through United Metaphysical Churches and was ordained as a Metaphysical Minister, Medium and Healer. She subsequently taught many seminary classes, served various churches delivering sermons and Spirit messages and taught several mediumship development classes. She is also a spiritual advisor who has brought countless people to the understanding that life is continuous and that our loved ones who have passed on are still with us.
Rev. Tish is a retired high school teacher.  She earned her BA in Foreign Languages from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.

Tel: 828-467-1344


Bobbie Roberts

Bobbie Roberts Earthmother is a practicing Wiccan/Pagan  Priestess, Spiritualist Minister and Metaphysical Practitioner for over 55 years. She has served people in the US and Canada, teaching and doing numerology charts and readings, teaching metaphysical and Wiccan/pagan principals. 
She believes our spiritual life and our material/physical life should be as balanced as possible and entwined together.  Bobbie has a wonderful daughter that she raised on her own and was in the accounting field with Oil and Gas in Oklahoma City.
Now retired, she has taken up gardening but continues to serve lecturing, teaching and doing some intuitive numerology readings.  Bobbie can be reached at 352-205-6056. Please leave a message. Will get back to you as soon as I can or when I get out of the garden and woods.

J. Weaver .png

Rev. Judi Weaver

Rev. Judi is an International Spiritual Trance Channel, Master Metaphysician, Medium and Shamanic Healer since the early 1990’s.

She is the founder of Heart 4 Souls Inc., a 501c3 dedicated to spiritual development/healing modalities and is a published author of Guided by Your Light, and Truth Beyond. Her educational travels are diversified: Delphi University of Spiritual Studies & Patricia Hayes School of Healing and Metaphysics; Inca School of Medicine, Cusco, Peru; International Association of Metaphysics; and pastored two Churches in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

As a Spiritual Trance Channel, she allows for God Source, Angels, Spirit Guides, Masters, Teachers and Universal Light Beings to share wisdom, guidance and healing energies into the physical plane for the betterment of mankind. These messages provide answers to your questions or clarification within transitional events. Visitations with Rev. Judi is known to be "an experiential event" as you can see, feel or sense the Universal Love Energies that permeates through her heart and into yours! 


Karen Santiago.png

 Karen Santiago

Hello, I'm Karen Santiago.

I am a Psychic Medium & Forensic Medium with over 20 years experience in the field.

I began my journey as a medium after having a near death experience where i was pronounced dead.

Then coming back to life as a changed person, with the ability to see, hear and can communicate with spirits. 

I now find many different uses for my gift, including connecting with spirits,seeing past lives,and helping others to connect with their spirit guides.

I also have worked arson, missing person, and over 40 murder investigations. Let me know how i can help. Email:

Darrell picture.jpg

Darrell Demeritt

Darrell has been experiencing spirit visits and communications since his teens.  

While continuing with his lifelong career in healthcare administration, he began mediumship development training in Atlanta, where he previously lived, while visiting Cassadaga whenever he could to take classes. 

Before retiring and relocating to the area four years ago, Darrell provided mediumistic messages and spiritual guidance in a large metaphysical center in Atlanta. 

A resident of Deland, Darrell immediately integrated within the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, was elected to the Board of Trustees, and in addition has served as the corporate treasurer for the last two years. 


Darrell is a certified Cassadaga Medium and Spiritual Healer and practices out of his office in Cassadaga.

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